Welcome to the Plasztik Szabo Ltd website design workshop

Szabó Péter tulajdonos, cégvezető

The company designs, vehicle add-on, a sample, prototype andproduction tools for producing and dealing with small series of series.

The company's business philosophy is to offer high-quality materials, pleasant working conditions, precise, and objects thatgive our customers a documented work, which is happy to use.The mass-and we do not want to make a living servicing.

Style that characterizes our products can be used to form a harmonious and appropriate. Used, primarily because they areeveryday objects. Cars in tune with the style of their formaloverview of the complete complement, but do not change.

I still have the old school, I learned respect for the Customer, thematerial and the tool is highly valued. To do this, I gave him a new nature in my interest, which of the technologies and materials analysis and understanding of theexcellent results in the introduction.

I welcome criticism of comments, because I think that I and our products so that you will also be useful. … The praise and feels good.

If you would like the idea of seeing in three dimensions and to hold, develop, or distribute, or manufacture a product, I expectmore.

Yours Sincerely,

Szabó Péter
owner manager