Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux

SZABO R9.10 tonneau cover for double cab TOYOTA HILUX pick-up trucks.

Boot (trunk) created from flatbed loading bay with flat roof.

The flat loading bay roof emphasises the unique quality of a pick-up truck and adds to its advantages by a proper car boot. The open flatbed loading bay can be converted to a lockable boot in a few minutes. Your valuables are protected from the rain, wind and thiefs.

It offers peace of mind, security and comfort for goods purchasing or family outings.

Technical description: The loading bay roof is made up of two main elements. The first piece can be secured to the inside edge of the loading by by four hooks. Its back portion is an open-able door. The lift up door is secured by a security lock to the lock of the drop down factory fitted door, so neither of them could be opened. On unlocking the vehicle the lift up door has to be opened first and lifted up and after that the drop down door can be opened too. The door is held open by a gas strut. Its fitting and removing is quick and easy. Sizes: 120 mm high, 1660 mm long, and 1660 mm wide. Weight: 24 kg.

Material double walled, heat treated, fibreglass framed, polyester-honeycombed composite material. This construction is aesthetical inside and out, it keeps its form, rigid, light and guarantees excellent quality. Its inner surface is coloured in itself grey or black, the outside surface is colour coded to the bodywork. The inside of the boot is lit by an electric light. It can be fitted to the flatbed pad. The pipe carrying frame does not have to be cut off.


SZABO R9.10 tonneau cover for TOYOTA HILUX 2006>



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