The history of company

SZABO Design Ballószög III. 158.

Quote: Composite Technology in 1978, worked first as a modeler, then a hobby motor fittings designed and manufactured for myself and my friends. In 1986, I got to know the level of industrial processing. Subsequently, various forms of polyester products, prototypes and production tools designed to order. The mark SZABO registered in 1989, which is an important element in the company's image as well.

The Plasztik SZABO was established in 1990, the first Ballószög registered company. From then on, I continued the previous design as a social enterprise, development of vehicle accessories, design, manufacturing and prototyping tool. New activity was a small batch series.

The sleeping between 1993 and 2005 was a product of our company is dominant. Both self-designed cabin, Industrial Design Award of Merit awards.

The Bt in 2002, he moved to the new location. The new plant will ensure a comfortable spacious circumstances, the necessary conditions for safe and accurate work. Our company has easy access and offers its customers a direct service.

The year 2005 is the main sections, the pick-up cargo hatch covers development and production has been flat. Samples can be viewed in the presentation hall.

Since 2011 the company´s new name SZABO ForMa Ltd.

Our customers are individual users, dealers, agents and transport operators. Many of them multi-year relationship willow.

Today, 36 years of professional experience, the best selection of raw materials, excellent working conditions and documented manufacturing process, factory-way, as unique in all of our products are made with great care.

Szabó Péter
Szabo ForMa Ltd.