Composite is to combine the different material properties, combined with advantageous properties, order of magnitude better, lighter, stronger, stiffer and more durable parts, and build structures. 

The artificial composite plastics, manufacturing and processing technology, the result of the defense industry. With more than fifty years of continuous development, from skateboarding to the spacecraft is widely used in heavy-duty, intensive and in most cases small-series products. 

The plastics industry research, more and more sophisticated advanced materials and processing technologies are based. Today, this area also came to the forefront of nanotechnology. 

Material selection is the starting point of what we expect from the finished product.Stiffness, flexibility, impact resistance, heat resistance, weight, price, ... ... The possession of knowledge expands, but the materials and technology related expenses, limiting the possibilities of choice. 

Our polyester resins used mainly as a binder. The resin with glass fiber strengthening, honeycomb foam and metal braces. This composite satisfies all properties required in the automotive industry. Colored surface material, or post-paint. 

Applied Coating: Polyester outer coating, polyester-fiberglass sandwich foam core, polyester fiber, polyester inner cover layer. The plastic and metal inlays glued elements are fixed to each other. The subsequent paint, primer, color and lacquer layers. 

Szabó Péter